Tile Adhesives

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The cracking of tiles or a hollow sound on a tiled floor is caused by the cement and sand mixture which doesn’t form a level base to cover the entire tile surface when fixing them.

Tile Adhesive is a factory made cementitious dry powder which is mixed with water or special liquid additive to form a paste, providing problem-free, full bedding tile/stone installation. Our thin-set adhesives have high bonding strength allowing the tiles to directly be fixed to the substrate.

For a very long time cement has been used to lay down tiles. It works fine but there are several problems with it. Some of them can be ignored but others can’t. That’s why the use of Tile Adhesive is getting more and more popular these days. Every good tile dealer and contractor will suggest you to opt for adhesive instead of ordinary cement. Here are some of the reasons that make Tile Adhesive a better option.

It is extremely strong

While cement is quite strong when used to hold bricks together, it does not do a very good job when used to install tiles. After a few years tiles often become loose and even come out in some cases. With Tile Adhesive however this is never a problem. It can hold the tiles tightly in place for decades to come. This makes it especially reliable for installing wall tiles.

It can be laid down evenly

The granules of cement are quite big, which makes it harder to spread evenly. Due to this often hollow space is left under a tile, which creates a weird sound when you step on it. But that sound is not the only problem. Due to the hollow space the tile can easily break if heavy furniture or something else is put on it. Tile Adhesive on the other hand is very fine and can be laid down evenly with ease.

It is easy to use

A cement mixture for tile installation requires many different things that need to be in a perfect ratio. It is not very easy and also takes a lot of time. But Tile Adhesive, which is made especially for this purpose, comes completely prepared. Everything that needs to be mixed comes already mixed in the bag. This saves a lot of time and effort.

It is not very expensive

Some people still use cement thinking that Tile Adhesive will cost a lot more. But that is not the case. In a standard sized home the difference in total cost of installation between cement and Tile Adhesive is merely a couple thousand bucks. Considering the benefits, the extra expense is nothing.

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