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A Screed sits between the structural sub-floor of the actual foundation and the flooring material enabling tile/ stone floor installation on a smooth, level, hard surface.

Green Associates offers high quality screed providing strong, leveled surfaces while preventing damage caused by long term exposure to moisture. Especially true in areas such as bathrooms, swimming pools and others, it is easy to install and offers superior moisture barrier for your flooring.

Here are five reasons to consider screed for your flooring:

Quick and easy to install

Liquid screed is much less labor intensive than other screeds and can be up to 10 times quicker to install than sand cement screed.

Maximize the effect of underfloor heating

You’ll notice the biggest benefit of liquid screed if you have underfloor heating. Due to its flow-ability, liquid screed fully wraps around the pipes of your underfloor hearing, filling even the smallest spaces to ensure heat is distributed evenly across your floor.


Unlike sand and cement screed which needs to be leveled by hand, liquid screed is totally self-leveling and smooth from the moment of installation. This makes it a great choice when attempting to level out uneven flooring.

Rapid drying time

After just 24 hours, liquid screed is strong enough for you to walk on. This is extremely helpful for time-sensitive projects where it is necessary to get the space operational again in a short space of time.

Minimal risk of shrinkage

Liquid screed is designed not to shrink or curl and requires far fewer expansion joints than traditional screeds, leaving you with a totally smooth, unblemished finish.

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