Cool Roof Coating

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Cool roof coatings are white or special reflective pigments that reflect sunlight. Coatings are like very thick paints that can protect the roof surface from ultra-violet (UV) light and chemical damage, and some offer water protection and restorative features.

Reflects 90% of solar infrared rays and 85% of Ultraviolet rays, keeping your roof cool up to 20° C, even in peak summer.
Perhaps the most beneficial is the reduced cooling cost and prolonging the lifespan of the roof. The beauty of Restore It Commercial Roof Coatings is that there is no need to rip off the current roof.

We can apply the reflective coating to the existing structure**.

**Provided there is no structural damage to your roof.

10 Benefits of White Roof Coatings:

Lowers Energy Costs by up to 20%
Keeps the Building Cooler
Reduces Thermal Shock Damage
Reduces Air Pollution and Greenhouse Emissions
Complies With Building Energy Standards & Green Energy Programs
Handles all Ranges of Temperatures
Bonds Directly to Existing Surfaces
Forms a Tough Seamless Membrane Protecting Against Roof Leaks
Resists UV Deterioration (unlike a black roofs)
Increases the Lifespan of a Roof
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