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We are committed to delivering high-quality services for

  • Waterproofing
  • Domestic Water Treatment
  • Cool Roof Coating
  • Sanitation & Plumbing
  • Tile Adhesive & Stone Care
  • Wall Putty
  • Screed
  • Solar Water Heater
With skilled and qualified professionals at work, we are experts at tackling the most challenging tasks and this confidence in our work inspires us to continue growing in every department.

Our Services

Our services are aimed at customer satisfaction with personalized responses, always ensuring the best value for money, safety and professionalism.



Water proofing is generally done by providing external physical waterproofing barrier coats in…


Plumbing Consultant
& Contractor

Water inlet, outlet, circulation of water in a building, sewage, etc.  – all these determine the…



Water harvesting is storing rainwater and reusing it, rather than allowing it to run off…


Domestic Water

Water Softener is a filtration system that works to remove high concentrations of calcium…


Solar Water

Solar water heaters use natural sunlight to heat water. This is the most effective way to generate…


Cool Roof

It is a roofing system that has the capability to reflect the heat from the sun and its damaging rays…

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Why Choose Us

Our customers trust us to provide high-level solutions, customer service, and experience, that complement and extend our portfolio of customers. We thrive on establishing long-term partnerships with our customers, and the only way we can do so is to ensure they are 100% satisfied with our services. Therefore, each member of our trained team is an expert in the services they support.

Qualified Expert

We are backed by a trained team of selected experts that specialize in their field. We have broad involvement with this field and serving different businesses for quite a long while.

Affordable Package

Our cost-effective services strive to make your consultation not too harsh on your pocket while ascertaining that you do not have to compromise in terms of desired services and facilities. This makes Green associates a one-stop solution for those looking for affordable services in Durg.

Quality Professionals

Quality professionals should how to plan, control, and improve processes. Our qualified professionals have the flexibility and the ability to assess situations to meet customer requirements.

24x7 Support

We at Green associates are committed to providing support to individual customers with reliable and cost-effective solutions. You can call us or submit your request online, our team will get in touch with you.

Workmanship Quality

Workmanship quality is the careful and conscientious application of technical skills. Some contractors employ people with the “blow and go” attitude, meaning that what counts is getting the job done as fast as possible at the sacrifice of quality, safety, or code-compliance, but that is not our working style.

Flexible Schedule

Our professionals are courteous, experienced, and friendly, keeping your schedule in mind to ensure that our professionals arrive in a timely fashion and complete the job accordingly.

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    Best Engineers, Contractors & General Order Supplier

    To procure the most extreme customer satisfaction, we provide them a varied incomparable range of sales and after-sales consultancy services in water proofing, plumbing, water harvesting, domestic water softener, solar water heater, and cool roof coating. Through these services, we can build a long-run relationship with them. We possess a well-equipped infrastructure facility & a team of skilled workforce for proper processing in services. We have established trustworthy alliances with our esteemed clients. Our qualitative range of services has been highly appreciated by the clients.

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